12 Glasses and the MW Marathon

Anyone out there a wine-drinking runner?  Among my running friends, the two go hand-in-hand although it may seem an oxymoron to more hard-core athletes.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the parallels between marathon running and the Masters of Wine (MW) program in recent months since I got my Stage 1 exam results.  In the […]

12 Glasses and Karate (Part 3)

In some ways it has been such a fast year from getting accepted into the prestigious Masters of Wine (MW) program to now, just 9 days before the first year exam on June 6. In other ways, an incredible amount has happened. It’s been an intriguing mix of euphoria, frustration, fascination, angst, and gratification. One […]

12 Glasses and Harry Potter (Part 2)

Anyone who’s seen the Harry Potter movies knows about Platform 9 ¾ where the kids catch a train that mysteriously transports them to an unknown world at the mythical Hogwarts School. The School is full of fascinating characters and all sorts of special knowledge that they can’t learn anywhere else.   That’s probably the best way […]

12 Glasses – Part 1

It’s been a crazy couple of months since I kicked off my first year in the Masters of Wine (MW) program filled with several essay and (dry) tasting assignments as well as general mania about starting to get a study plan together. What’s a dry tasting assignment you ask? Well it’s one where you are […]

12 Glasses

Who drags 12 wine glasses around the country in a tote or duffel bag? Students in the Masters of Wine (MW) program for one. I got this amazing (and rather cumbersome opportunity) this past month for the first time when I attended my first MW course day in NYC. I had long dreamed of applying […]